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St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church: Points of Interest


Woods Vestibule

  • Dedicated in loving memory of William Alan Woods, faithful member and benefactor who spent much of his time here as usher and greeter

  • Wooden repository: contains a brief history of the church; given in memory of Mary Sligh Jacob by her daughters Edna, Lillian, and Agnes



  • Pews and small stained glass windows: given as memorials by various individuals and families

  • Stained glass windows: designed and constructed by Mayer Studios, Munich, Germany and installed by Nicholas Wagner of New York City (See Windows of St. Timothy’s for detailed information)

  • Marble plaques: honoring the lasting contributions of: 

    • Alfred J. Derbyshire, Priest in Charge from 1923-1927

    • O. Frank Hart and Robert. F. Riley, beloved and devoted teachers of the adult Bible classes

    • John N. Grice, long-time treasurer of St. Timothy’s who established and managed the endowment fund

    • Olivia Chestnut, faithful member and directress of the Altar Guild for over 50 years

  • Original organ pipes: remnants of original pump organ that was given to a mission after new organ was installed and dedicated in 1959

  • Brass Eagle Lectern: symbol of St. John, given in memory of W.E. Rose and Sarah Rose by their daughters Mary and Julia

  • Pulpit: Carries the monogram of Christ; given by the Women’s Guild of St. Timothy’s in 1921

  • Walnut cradle: given in memory of Marion Brayton Barron and used in early years for “cradle rocking,” as a part of the Order of Holy Baptism

  • Communion Rail: given in memory of Edwin Grenville Seibels (1866-1954) by Rosamond Kershaw Seibels

  • Bishop’s Chair: given by the Women’s Guild of St. Timothy’s in 1924

  • Brass Altar Cross: given in memory of Francis Bouchelle Poynor, wife of Rev. W.S. Poyner, Priest in Charge from 1909-1915

  • Brass Communion Candlesticks: given in memory of Nancy Hart (1907-1913), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. Frank Hart

  • Large brass Processional Cross: given by the National Guard of the 2nd Infantry in 1914 


Remembrance Hall

  • Dedicated to those who have served and supported St. Timothy’s through the years

  • Includes photographs of former and current Bishops and Rectors, plaque honoring the ministry of Rev. Tula Henson, and 2018 Treasured Trees Award recognizing the crepe myrtle in Beckham Garden

  • Plaque donated and blessed in memory of long-time members Dr. Marion Burnside Hook and Peggy Lollis Hook

  • Houses Book of Remembrance


Bennett Hall

  • Named for Rev. Albert George Branwell Bennett, who served as St. Timothy’s rector from 1927 – 1957; he and his wife were so loved by the congregation that they were given a new car as a retirement gift. During The Rev. Bennett’s tenure at St. Timothy’s, the debt was paid in full and the church was consecrated

  • Stained glass transom window: dedicated to The Rev. David E. Bridgforth upon his retirement in 2006



Historical Marker

  • Unveiled and blessed on Sunday, March 31, 2019

  • Funded by former members and friends of St. Timothy’s

  • 1892 Heritage pins were distributed following the service

  • Text reads: St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church dates to 1892 and is the third oldest Episcopal Church in Columbia. It began as a mission to provide Sunday School for the children of Arsenal Hill. As the congregation grew, the church moved, first to a house on Lincoln Street in 1893 and then to a chapel on Calhoun Street, which was completed in 1895. In 1912, the church was admitted into union with the diocese of S.C. After the first chapel burned, the congregation began construction of the present sanctuary, completed in 1914. The Gothic Revival church is built of granite and includes 15 stained glass windows constructed by Mayer Studios in Germany. The church’s Wicks organ was installed in 1963. St. Timothy’s also has two gardens, including Beckham Garden which was designated an Affiliate Quiet Garden in 2006.


Seay Garden

  • Dedicated in 1982 to long-time devoted member Edna Jacob Cannon Seay who was baptized, confirmed, married and buried from the church

  • Renewal project completed by member Jon Lowder in 2005 as a part of his Eagle Scout project.


Beckham Garden

  • Dedicated to The Rt. Rev. William A. Beckham, beloved supporter and friend of St. Timothy’s, in 2006, shortly after his death; designated as an official Affiliate Quiet Garden, an international ministry dedicated to identifying places where individuals may enjoy stillness and beauty;

  • Rodgers Fountain, centerpiece of Beckham Garden: dedicated to John Bryan Rodgers, Sr. and wife Hattie Radcliffe Rodgers, founding members of St. Timothy’s, and their children William Sinclair Rodgers, Sr., John Bryan Rodgers, Jr., Annetta Rodgers Lollis, and Susie Rodgers Theodore, given by their descendants

  • The large crepe myrtle on the east side of the garden was designated a recipient of the City of Columbia’s Treasured Tree Award on December 8, 2018.

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