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Rev. Alice Marie Mills

I am a cradle Episcopalian who grew up in Asheville, NC. I married Chris Mills in 2016, a dedicated civil rights attorney and the love of my life. I have two great sons from my first marriage. Jack (37) lives in Black Mountain, NC with his wife Ashley. Kenny (34) also lives in Asheville with his partner Miranda. The fact that my sons are best friends is one of my deepest joys. I am blessed with two wonderful stepdaughters. Ross (33) and her partner Regan live in Eugene, OR, and Clare (30) lives in Charleston.


Although I have a BS in horticulture from NC State and a Master of Divinity from the University of the South, it is life in Christ that continues to be my greatest teacher. Following the Lord of Love is a lifelong course of study and growth from which I will never graduate. Of this I am certain.


I was ordained in 2010. My first two pastorates were associate positions: St. Mary’s, Napa, CA for two years, followed by St. Mary’s, Columbia, for six years. I was called to St. Timothy’s as part-time Priest-in-charge in August of 2019. I love St. Timothy’s! I find my vocation as a priest to be a labor of love that gives my life its deepest meaning.


Bicycling, bird watching, hiking in the woods, botany, spending time with the people I love, and building relationships with new folks are some of my favorite ways to spend time.


My regular schedule is Sunday – Wednesday, observing Friday as sabbath, while remaining on call for pastoral emergencies.

Rev. Dcn. Margaret Jennings Todd

Deacon Margaret came to St. Timothy's on Ash Wednesday, 2020.   As a deacon, she is an ordaining minister called to lead church members in service to the poor, needy, and oppressed and has specific ceremonial and leadership responsibilities which differ from those of a priest.  

Margaret is married to Bill Todd and is the proud mother of Meg Jennings and was blessed to become  the "nuther mother" to CarrieAnne Blue and Mason Todd.  The joys of her life are her five grandchildren, Neil, Aiden, Ben, Luke, and Lilly. Her bio would not be complete without mention of her spoiled rotten cats, Olivia and Mooney.  Activities that give her energy and satisfaction include gardening in her yard and in her newly established "COVID garden", researching her extensive family roots, crocheting, Clemson sports, and spending time at the beach with family and friends.  


Margaret was ordained on January 31, 2009 in the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina after working many years of lay ministry and leadership specifically in the area of servant ministry. Before ordination, her "other life" was spent in various mental health arenas, primarily as a school counselor to elementary aged children.  After retirement, and much discernment, she followed God's call to ordained ministry.  She holds degrees from Columbia College, Clemson University, the University of South Carolina and is a graduate of the EDUSC School for Ministry and the Education for Ministry Program at the University of the South.  She enjoys organizational leadership and has served on many boards and commissions, the most notable as President of the American School Counselor Association.  


In our diocese, she serves on the Commission on Formation, the Commission on Mission and International Concerns representing Episcopal Relief and Development, as diocesan representative to the SC Christian Action Council, and on the Safe Church Advisory Committee. 


She is loving her ministry at St. Timothy's and looks forward, with great anticipation, to being able to spend time and really get to know all of the parishioners when it is safe to gather freely. 

I have been with St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church since 2002.  Prior to that I was pianist and choir director for several years at Anglican Church of the Epiphany in Columbia.  I received some organ instruction at Ohio Wesleyan University with Dr. Robert Griffith, but it wasn’t until 1997 that I completed a degree in Organ Performance with Dr. Edmund Shay at Columbia College and began substituting as an organist in Columbia.  While I see organist/choir director definitely as a professional position for the church, it is also my service to aid the parish in worship.  Since I had a “day job” for most of my career, my practicing is on Saturdays, Sunday afternoons, and before the choir rehearsal on Wednesdays. 

Elaine Sandberg, Organist & Choir Director

Barry Shirley, Custodian 

I was born in Columbia and have lived here most of my life. My wife Judi and I were married in 2001 and she is most definitely the better half! I have been a lifelong member of Eau Claire Presbyterian Church. My wife and I are both working musicians. She is an oboist with Florence Symphony and also a music teacher and I am a guitar player and longtime member of the Columbia music community.  I currently play in a band that plays regional amphitheaters and clubs. The highlight of my career has been my USO European tours entertaining our US military. My wife and I also travel to the UK often visiting family and friends as my mother is a WWII war bride from England. I’ve enjoyed meeting many new friends at St. Timothy’s and find you to be a warm and loving church family. 

Angie Eanes, Parish Administrator

I am an avid sewist and a confirmed tea snob.  I work primarily to support my fabric and tea habits. 


I have worked in a variety of fields throughout adulthood including university administration and faculty, property administration, and children’s ministry but discovered in my 40s that although I never aspired to be a bookkeeper when I grew up, I have a calling for it!  My first bookkeeping position was volunteer that became paid.  My second was minimal, 5 hours a week, that became 25 hours a week.  And then I landed as a parish administrator for an Episcopal church (which I knew little about except what I’d read in historical British literature).  St. Timothy’s is one of three Episcopal churches that I have worked for. So, my calling seems to be bookkeeping for (and parish administering) Episcopal churches. And I LOVE my job. 


My husband, Dwayne, is a CPA and works in the State of South Carolina.  We have been married for 27 years and have no children, only furbabies.  At one point we had 450 pounds of dog (4 giant breeds) but currently we are down to one St. Bernard, Lexi, and two outside (but not feral) cats:  Mama Cat and Boots. 

The Vestry

In the Episcopal Church, members elect a team of leaders to work with the Priest in Charge who are entrusted with taking care of the business of the parish.  This team of leaders, the Vestry, takes care of the building and grounds and works with the priest to use the consecrated giving of participants to fund the priorities and goals for the mission of the parish through an annual budget. St. Timothy’s Vestry is comprised of seven lay leaders. We elect vestry members to serve for three-year terms.  The terms are staggered so that there is always a mix of new and experienced members on this leadership team.  Each member of the vestry works with the priest to insure the vitality of the parish’s ministry.

Two members of the vestry, the Senior and Junior Wardens, have special responsibilities in providing oversight and support for the work of the vestry; they serve with the priest on the Executive Committee. The Priest in Charge and the Senior Warden work hand in hand to plan and preside over vestry meetings. The Senior Warden leads the congregation in the absence of a Priest.  The Junior Warden oversees Buildings and Grounds. The Clerk acts as a secretary, maintaining minutes and official correspondence. The Treasurer is responsible for insuring the integrity of our financial processes.  

The vestry normally meets on the second Sunday of each month at 12:30. At our Annual Parish Meeting (on a Sunday in late January close to the Feast of St. Timothy), two or three new vestry members are elected each year for a three-year term by participants who are Communicants in Good Standing of St. John's. To be a Communicant in Good Standing, you must have your baptism recorded in the parish register, attend worship regularly, and be a contributor of record to the mission of the parish through its budget.

Vestry Members

Dale Lowder (Treasurer)
Serving Through 2024
Janis Leaphart
(Senior Warden)
Serving Through 2022
Diane Carr
Serving Through 2022
Joanne Moody
(Junior Warden)
Serving Through 2024
Lauren Larmon
Serving Through 2024
Janice Nepita
Serving Through 2023
Katelyn Kenney
Clerk of the Vestry
Bill Sandberg
Serving Through 2023
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