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Holy Baptism is full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s Body, the church. God establishes an indissoluble bond with each person in baptism. God adopts us, making us members of the church and inheritors of the Kingdom of God (BCP, pp.298, 858)

In baptism we are made sharers in the new life of the Holy Spirit. Baptism is the foundation for all future church participation and ministry. Our tradition does not allow for private baptisms (unless in emergency situations); we baptize in community. We covenant together with God and the newly baptized (if an adult) or on behalf of the newly baptized (if a child).

Baptisms may be arranged at other times of the year, depending on the circumstances. To inquire about preparing for baptism as an adult, or to baptize a child at St. Timothy’s, please contact the parish office.

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