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Hymnal Online

January 8, 2023

Opening Hymn                

Songs of thankfulness and praise


1 Songs of thankfulness and praise,

Jesus, Lord, to thee we raise,

manifested by the star 

to the sages from afar;

branch of royal David's stem

in thy birth at Bethlehem;

anthems be to thee addressed,

God in man-made manifest


2 Manifest at Jordan's stream

Prophet, Priest, and King supreme;

and at Cana, wedding-guest, 

in thy God-head manifest;

manifest in power divine,

changing water into wine;

anthems be to thee addressed,

God in man-made manifest.


3 Manifest in making whole

palsied limbs and fainting soul;

manifest in valiant fight,

quelling all the devil's might;

manifest in gracious will,

ever bringing good from ill;

anthems be to thee addressed,

God in man-made manifest.


4 Manifest on mountain height,

shining in resplendent light,

where disciples filled with awe

thy transfigured glory saw.

When from there thou leddest them

steadfast to Jerusalem,

cross and Easter Day attest

God in man-made manifest. 

Communion Hymn

Christ, when for us you were baptized

1 Christ, when for us you were baptized,

God's Spirit on you came,

as peaceful as a dove and yet

as urgent as a flame.

2 God called you his beloved Son,

called you his servant true,

sent you his kingdom to proclaim,

his holy will to do.

3 Straightway and steadfast until death

you then obeyed his call

freely as Son of Man to serve

and give your life for all.

4 Baptize us with your Spirit, Lord,

your cross on us be signed,

that, likewise in God's service we

may perfect freedom find.

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