Hymnal Online

Sequence Hymn

Christ is the world's true Light       


1. Christ is the world's true Light, its Captain of salvation,

the Daystar clear and bright of every race and nation;

new life, new hope awakes, for all who own his sway:

freedom her bondage breaks, and night is turned to day.


2. In Christ all races meet, their ancient feuds forgetting,

the whole round world complete, from sunrise to its setting:

when Christ is throned as Lord all shall forsake their fear,

to plough-share beat the sword, to pruning-hook the spear.

3. One Lord, in one great Name unite us all who own thee;

cast out our pride and shame that hinder to enthrone thee;

the world has waited long, has travailed long in pain;

to heal its ancient wrong, come, Prince of Peace, and reign.

Communion Hymn

Humbly I adore thee

1. Humbly I adore thee, Verity unseen,

who thy glory hides 'neath these shadows means;

lo, to thee surrendered, my whole heart is bowed,

tranced as it beholds thee, shrined within the cloud.

2. Taste and such and vision to discern thee fail;

faith, that comes by hearing, pierces through the veil.

believe whatever the Son of God hath told;

what the Truth hath spoken, that for truth I hold.

3.  O memorial wondrous of the Lord's own death;

living Bread that gives all thy creatures breath,

grant my spirit ever by thy life may live,

to my taste thy sweetness never failing give.

4.  Jesus, whom now hidden, I by faith behold,

what my soul doth long for, that thy word foretold:

face to face thy splendor, I at last shall see,

in the glorious vision, blessed Lord, of thee.