Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry

St. Timothy’s is proud to coordinate bringing Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry classes to the Columbia area.  The classes will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 28 & 29, 2011 at Trinity Cathedral and anyone interested in healing is encouraged to attend.  Classes also offer CEUs for Nurses and Massage Therapist.  If this is a ministry you may feel called to please review the information on their web page http://www.ishahealing.com and contact Rev. Henson at 803-765-1519 or at 803-210-9180 to find out how to participate.  The below is taken from the web site:

Healing in Christianity – A Call Worth Answering

The Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry program (HTSM) grew out of the Healing Touch Program and offers you simple skills to do healing ministry –prayer, hands-on healing, and anointing with oils from a Christian perspective.  This spiritual healing / energy healing program prepares students to apply for a national certification in HTSM.

Like the work of the early apostles and disciples, Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry is spreading to churches, hospitals, hospices, massage schools, and retreat centers throughout the U.S. and is now offered in some foreign countries. The program’s unique contribution is to frame prayer, hands-on healing and anointing with essential oils within a Christian tradition and to teach it in churches and spiritual settings of all denominations.

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